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The University of Roma Tre is a certifying body for the Italian language recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, Universities, and Research. It is responsible for the design, implementation, administration, and evaluation of certification tests for Italian as a foreign language (L2) called Certit. The purpose of certification is to declare the level of stable or varying knowledge that a non-native speaker of Italian possesses in this language. Certit comprises six examination systems corresponding to the six levels of proficiency identified by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The exams present authentic usage situations of Italian in line with all CEFR descriptors. Based on the results of the tests taken by candidates, the corresponding certificates of competence in Italian as a foreign language (L2) are issued. Certit is a founding member of the association CLIQ (Certificazione Lingua Italiana di Qualità – Certification of Italian Language Quality) and an associate member of ALTE (Association for Language Testers in Europe).

Prof.ssa Link identifier #identifier__187956-3Elisabetta Bonvino

Comitato Tecnico Operativo:
Prof.ssa Elisabetta Bonvino
Prof. Link identifier #identifier__65194-4Diego Cortés Velásquez
Prof.ssa Link identifier #identifier__70554-5Elena Nuzzo

Responsabile Amministrativa:
Dott.ssa Link identifier #identifier__107549-6Serenella Raffaella Laforgia

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