Examination centres

The document below lists the entities affiliated with the University of Rome Tre as Certit examination centers in Italy and around the world.

To become a Certit examination center, it is necessary to send us, via email, the following documents in Italian:

  • The statute and/or constitutive act of the institution;
  • Curriculum vitae of the examiners (who should have previous experience in teaching Italian to foreigners), the Legal Representative of the institution (the person who will sign the agreement), and the Certification Manager;
  • Photos of the rooms where the tests would take place; Indication of the number of computer workstations or tablets available for the potential computerized administration of the exam;
  • A brief description of the institution’s activities;
  • An estimate, even approximate, of the number of exams expected to be administered annually, specifying the total for each level.

The above documentation must be submitted in .PDF format on official letterhead. The documents must be signed, if possible digitally.

Further information may be requested if necessary. The suitability of the entities applying will be determined by the Technical Operating Committee of Certit.

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enuzzo 26 February 2024