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General information

What is the Tandem programme?

Tandem is a language exchange opportunity, a sort of loosely-based learning pathway for students speaking different mother tongues to meet in order to practise and improve a foreign language.
It is based on two different but simple ideas, i.e. mutual help and self-study.
Each year several hundreds of foreign students, mostly from the Erasmus exchange programmes, study at the different Roma Tre Faculties. To do their courses they must acquire an adequate knowledge of Italian. To this purpose the CLA (the Roma Tre Language Centre) runs intensive courses in September and February.
Many Italian students are also engaged in learning one or more foreign languages as part of their curricula or to go abroad on Erasmus programmes.
Tandem is meant for these two groups of students. It will enable two students speaking different native languages to learn from each other. The drawing of the ‘two-seater bicycle’ above gives an idea about expectations: participants will be helping each other in order to reach a common goal. But Tandem is not only a way to practise and improve a foreign language. It is also an excellent way to learn more about a culture other than one’s own.

Who can join in?

Anyone studying at Roma Tre is eligible for the Tandem programme: not only Italian and Erasmus students but also students from non-EU countries, “Marco Polo” students from China, post-graduate, master and doctoral students.

How can you join in?

Fill in the enrolment form (you can find a fac-simile online). Pay attention: you can enrol only at the computers located in the CLA! You can enrol at the beginning of every semester. On the web site you will find the opening and closing enrolment dates. Erasmus students can enrol at any time of the year.
Depending on the number of enrolments, the CLA will combine two tandem partners and will contact them by email.

How are pairs matched?

Each foreign student will be assigned to an Italian Tandem partner. Pairs will be matched by the CLA for the language(s) indicated by participants.
You will receive an e-mail with the meeting date at the CLA for the acceptance of your tandem patner. It is essential that when filling in the registration form you insert all the relevant information (if you have just arrived in Rome an e-mail address is the best way to be contacted).
It is up to you to fix the dates for your meetings. The CLA will just ask you to report briefly on the programme. If you do not receive any news from the CLA, this will probably mean that no Italian student has asked to be assigned to a Tandem partner to practise your language.

How to verify your progress?

Tandem is not a teaching programme and cannot substitute for your Italian classes. It is a language exchange opportunity mainly based on conversation between two people sharing common needs and interests. You must therefore be strongly motivated and aware that Tandem works on the basis of mutual help and self-study. You decide not only where and how frequently you want to meet your partner but also how you want to organize your meetings. A precise schedule is not necessary but regular meetings are desirable.
However if you need suggestions on how gaining major advantage from Tandem you may refer to our diary to keep a record of your activities. You can print it or download it to make notes in it each time you meet, writing down what you have done and for how long. This way you will be able to monitor your progress.
On the CLA website you will also find a list of useful links to other sites and many other suggestions on how to use the Tandem programme at its best. There will also be a Tandem assistant available: you can contact them for further details and to sort out minor problems. When you are finished the CLA will ask you to fill in a feedback form in order to help us improve the programme.