You can freely join Tandem and you are supposed to work autonomously but some basic rules might prove helpful

  • Plan out your meetings (at least 10)
  • Meet regularly
  • Divide your time equally between both languages
  • Use films and other material available from the Roma Tre CLA
  • Visit other sites (links provided)
  • The TandemDiaryhelps you keep a record of your objectives and an eye on your progress

The following are topics and other suggestions for your meetings. Go to suggested topics of conversation for further ideas. You can add your suggestions: please report them in the feedback form to make the list longer and more appropriate>

  • getting to know each other: personality, studies, favourite books and films, hobbies, likes and dislikes
  • family portrait: roles, traditions, members of the family, home town, (photos)
  • everyday life: dishes, housing, clothing
  • Travels and travelling.
  • Free time, week ends
  • Sports, sports activities, competitions, events
  • Newspaper and magazine articles dealing with similar topics in the two languages practised
  • Idioms, proverbs, sayings in the two languages practised
  • Games, quizzes
  • Discuss films: language problems, cultural elements etc with questions
  • After a five-minute talk ask and answer questions on the topic
You might like to play a game or engage in a free time activity during your meetings: dice, crosswords, pictionary etc.