Suggested topics of conversation

  • Getting to know each other. Talk about your personal interests, studies, hobbies, likes & dislikes.
  • Family portrait. Talk about your family describing habits, roles, traditions (who makes decisions? Who lays the table? who does the washing-up? 
  • Food, house and clothing. Choose pictures (from magazines in your own language) showing typical dishes, houses or clothes, describe them, and talk about them with your partner
  • Travels and transportations. Talk about recent travels or future travel plans, and about transportations in your town.
  • News Choose two articles on the same topic, one from a newspaper in your language, the other from a newspaper in your partner’s language. Compare language choices, styles, viewpoints and main aspects.
  • Idiom. Think of some idioms or proverbs in your language and find out if there is an equivalent expression in your partner’s language
  • “If I were a millionaire”. Talk about what your life would be if you were a millionaire.
  • Cinema!. Choose a film in your language from the lab collection. Prepare 10 questions to check your partner’s comprehension of main points. Watch the film with your partner, ask and answer questions, offer explanations. If you choose the same film in the two languages compare language choices and subtitles.
  • Show and tell. Prepare a 5-minute talk on any topic you like and ask questions about it to your partner.