Italian language

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The Centro Linguistico di Ateneo - CLA provides italian courses for foreign students.

Online course for beginners [level A1/A1+] - September 2021 (click here)

Standard Italian courses as L2 (click here) for

  • 1) foreign students enrolled in a full degree course at the University of Roma Tre (not enrolled in single courses)
  • 2) foreign exchange students with an Erasmus scholarship at the University of Roma Tre
  • 3) foreign exchange students who have bilateral agreements with the University of Roma Tre
  • 4) foreign citizens attending PhD programs, doctoral schools or Master’s program at the University of Roma Tre both directly or through interuniversity agreements (post-lauream)
  • 5) recipients of an Italian Government grant (e.g. at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAECI) who intend to follow an Italian language and culture course
  • 6) visiting professors and PHD at the University of Roma Tre


Italian courses as L2 for students enrolled in the “Marco Polo” program (click here)